Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks for all the Fantastic Support,

I would like to thank everyone for the calls, flowers, outpouring of love and support, food, cards, visits, etc.! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it's been to hear from everyone and how much it's helped me to feel better. I was especially cheered to receive flowers and messages on Friday and Saturday from so many friends --**I'll try and list everyone but will undoubtedly miss many of you so please forgive me!! ... Melanie, Sheri and all my students from Northminster, Catherine, Diane Wade, Blanca and her daughter, Vickie and RoseMarie--and everyone at SAS, Pat and Barbara, Jer and Eva and Family, Kelly and Billy, Betty, Francis and Shirley, Patrick and Erik, Brenden and Meghann, Ralf, Meaghan and Darin, Don & Ashley, Ruby & Tod, Aida and Julian, Ricardo, Gina, Cecilia for her help with the paperwork.
Thank you so much, Catherine, for bringing in the candy for the nurses -- phenomenally thoughtful! Also Jer and family --thanks for making that long trip to say hello and give me your love. . . Michael, Stephanie and Phineaus --your DVD was great! A special thanks to Meaghan and Darin and the boys for their daily love and support! I'd really like to thank the Lyman's, Singleton's, Steele's for bringing food by. Salden's thanks for helping Meaghan with the boys so Meg could be at the hospital with me (Barbra thanks for watching Ellie so Bren & Megh could come down).
While I'm at Meaghan's my cell phone won't really work so you can reach me at 831 728 1734.

Thanks for all your Love and Support!
Love - Nita

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