Monday, March 31, 2008

A New Week . . .

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has called with supportive thoughts, sent cards and flowers, brought in food for the family, and come in and stayed with me when Meaghan was unable to do so!! --You have made this whole recuperation thing go much more quickly and happily!! The PT has started me on crutches and they seem to make it a little easier on the stairs and on the uneven areas around Meaghan's house so I should be able to get out to her car or our car and into the Doctor's office without problems. . . As a matter of fact, the PT is going to come in just a few minutes and give me a few more pointers on getting up and moving appropriately with my crutches -- hopefully giving me the okay for a little more independence. Also, the Doctor visit tomorrow should give me a pretty good indication of the present prognosis, the extent of my increased ability to move about, when I might be able to go home, when I might be able to return to work and under what kind of restrictions, etc. Once again, thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts!!
Love you!

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The Farrell Family said...

Our internet has been down for awhile so we haven't been able to check out your blog until now. Sounds like you are doing a little better. I hope the crutches work well for you! I had to laugh at your shower chair entry. Don definitely inherited the "must shower to function" gene from you. :) Wish we were there to come see you. Much love.