Monday, March 31, 2008

A New Week . . .

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has called with supportive thoughts, sent cards and flowers, brought in food for the family, and come in and stayed with me when Meaghan was unable to do so!! --You have made this whole recuperation thing go much more quickly and happily!! The PT has started me on crutches and they seem to make it a little easier on the stairs and on the uneven areas around Meaghan's house so I should be able to get out to her car or our car and into the Doctor's office without problems. . . As a matter of fact, the PT is going to come in just a few minutes and give me a few more pointers on getting up and moving appropriately with my crutches -- hopefully giving me the okay for a little more independence. Also, the Doctor visit tomorrow should give me a pretty good indication of the present prognosis, the extent of my increased ability to move about, when I might be able to go home, when I might be able to return to work and under what kind of restrictions, etc. Once again, thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts!!
Love you!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Hanging In There. . . .

I'm slowly getting it together and getting better. The PT has come twice this week and given me several exercises to build the strength and mobility of my legs -- who would believe that your kneecaps could cause so much of a problem? I've had many visitors and calls and an incredible amount of food brought in by friends -- all of this has helped me feel loved and supported -- Thank you!! I'd especially like to thank the Jensen's for dinner on Friday; Aida for her calls and homemade bread on Saturday; Catherine for visiting and bringing us lunch and good wishes on Monday; Shirley and Leilah for visiting and spending time with me; Marilyn for coming by to visit and bring us dinner on Monday; Wendy Adler for dinner on Tuesday; Chris Hicks and Ruby Staley for dinner and a visit on Wednesday; Amanda Sachtleben for her concern and scheduling prowess, and to Sharan Joyce and her family for dinner tonight. I'm now allowed to go the 10 or so feet to the restroom with limited supervision and even able to go into the front room for short visits if I keep my leg up, etc. . . . all pretty exciting stuff!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Mom seems to be adjusting to daily life at my house. She is enjoying her daily shower and spending time with the grand kids. Pat and Erik came and spent time with mom this weekend so I could grocery shop, get ready for Easter and watch the boys hunt for Easter eggs. Mom's been taking it easy and getting caught up on her reading. If any of you have read anything good recently that you can recommend, I am sure she would love to hear from you. Of course it is hard to find a book mom has not read. We had a beautiful warm Easter. The boys had lots of fun looking for eggs and playing outside. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Message from Mike

I am going to try to post this message from Mike Hilton to my mom: NOPE the video is actually to large to post but very cool.

ShowerChair -- At Last!!

Yesterday morning a gentleman showed up with the shower chair I had been promised! ***Many of you don't know this about me but I have to have a shower every day or I don't feel like I' m ready for the day -- and certainly not ready to see anyone. . . So this was a truly wonderful thing! I also got a visit from my Medical Case Manager/nurse who has promised to get me whatever I need and help set up my appointments etc. Ralf has "walking Pneumonia" but is starting to feel well enough to come and visit -- so he came by for about 20 minutes to bring me up to date. I had several calls from friends, coworkers, and family members -- checking up on me and making sure that everything was going as well as possible. I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and for the thousands of things they do for me each day-- it's made a tremendous difference to me to know that people are thinking about me! I'm particularly thankful to Meaghan and Darin and their family for taking care of me and policing my movements-- it is so difficult for me to restrict myself and to stay in bed all of the time but Meaghan and family have really tried to make this as enjoyable an experience as possible!! Thanks and Love Nita

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Settled in and Trying to Do the Right Things

Today was my first real day at home. I am still focused on trying to follow doctor's order's and trying to stay down, etc. Marilyn Hayes came over and stayed with me for a couple of hours while Meaghan and the boys were at a game and brought over food for all of us. Dana Parry brought by dinner with Andrew.

Messages for Nita

If you would like to post a message for Nita let me know under comments and I will post your message. Several people have sent emails and messages of support. I will add those emails as comments below. Thanks for all your support.

Thanks for all the Fantastic Support,

I would like to thank everyone for the calls, flowers, outpouring of love and support, food, cards, visits, etc.! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it's been to hear from everyone and how much it's helped me to feel better. I was especially cheered to receive flowers and messages on Friday and Saturday from so many friends --**I'll try and list everyone but will undoubtedly miss many of you so please forgive me!! ... Melanie, Sheri and all my students from Northminster, Catherine, Diane Wade, Blanca and her daughter, Vickie and RoseMarie--and everyone at SAS, Pat and Barbara, Jer and Eva and Family, Kelly and Billy, Betty, Francis and Shirley, Patrick and Erik, Brenden and Meghann, Ralf, Meaghan and Darin, Don & Ashley, Ruby & Tod, Aida and Julian, Ricardo, Gina, Cecilia for her help with the paperwork.
Thank you so much, Catherine, for bringing in the candy for the nurses -- phenomenally thoughtful! Also Jer and family --thanks for making that long trip to say hello and give me your love. . . Michael, Stephanie and Phineaus --your DVD was great! A special thanks to Meaghan and Darin and the boys for their daily love and support! I'd really like to thank the Lyman's, Singleton's, Steele's for bringing food by. Salden's thanks for helping Meaghan with the boys so Meg could be at the hospital with me (Barbra thanks for watching Ellie so Bren & Megh could come down).
While I'm at Meaghan's my cell phone won't really work so you can reach me at 831 728 1734.

Thanks for all your Love and Support!
Love - Nita

At Meaghan's House

Mom was realised from the hospital yesterday afternoon. The hard part was getting her home and up the stairs. Pat and Erik decided to carried her up the stairs. While in the hospital she practiced going up and down stairs but we decided it would be best to carry he. So far everything seems to be doing well. She has started a new Douglas Preston book and has a pile of books next to her bed that she is hoping to read soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still in the Hospital

Mom has thought that she was coming home the last two days. She is still at the hospital and it looks like she will really becoming home today. The hold up had to do with changes in her medication. Her primary care doctor didn't come in until yesterday and all the other doctors were hesitant to prescribe a oral pain killer because of the other medicine she takes. Her and her doctor have been trying to find a combination of medicine that makes the pain bearable.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why Neina?

When reading this Blog some of you might wonder where the nick name Neina comes from. Here's the story:
My mother is named Nita after her maternal grandmother O'Nita Lewis VanNoy. My mother's grandmother was called Nein (pronounced knee-n) or Neinie (pronounced knee-knee) by her grandchildren and great grandchildren. My mothers plan was to be called Nein by her grandchildren also. For some reason it was hard for us to call her Nein since we all associated this with our great grandma so it morphed into Neina. Usually grandma Neina and often just grandma. She is still pulling for Nein though.

In the Hospital

My mom fell down and fractured and or broke both knee caps. I will try to up date her information here. She is currently at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (room 302) if anyone would like to send her some support. She is able to move around some with a walker and a person to help her. She should be coming home from the hospital today. At first we thought that she would need to go into an assisted living facility, but they think that she is doing well enough that she can come to my house. She will need to be in bed for at least three weeks, take it easy for three weeks, do therapy for an additional three weeks. It will be 12 to 15 weeks until she is able to move around independently and drive. I will keep everyone up to date on her progress here. I will give more info later. This is the most recent picture I have of my mom.

She is standing with my Dad's sisters Lori, Terri and my Uncle Rick.