Monday, April 7, 2008

Update 4-7-08

Mom is able to do more each day! She is becoming more and more independent. Although sometimes she is a little to independent. Erik and Dad came and helped me last week so that I could get some things done for work. Mom also helped some with Jake and Nick from bed. THANKS! I was pretty overwhelmed last week as I tried to juggle work and all of my other responsibilities and I will be playing catch up this week. The boys are really enjoying being able to pop in and out of grandma Nita's room and to tell her about there days. We are really enjoying having her in our home. Although my dad misses her terribly and can't wait for her to come home. We are still waiting for a doctors appointment so we can get more feed back about what she is and is not aloud to do. Brenden, Meghann and Ellison came to visit on Saturday. Mom joined us in the living room to watch conference and spend time with the family. We tried to take a picture as they were leaving but Ellie was not very happy at that point. It's still kinda cute though.

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