Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doing Well

Mom is doing good. She tried staying at home with Dad last Sunday. It seemed to go ok. She came to stay with us again Monday through Thursday. She is staying at home with dad this weekend. Brenden was supposed to come stay with them for the weekend to help but with Meghann in school he was to busy. Mom got several nice cards this week from the Garrett's and David Hilton. She seems to be doing alright. This week went well mom had a doctors appointment on Monday and got her taxes done. She was approved to start physical therapy and to start wearing a knee sling instead of a knee stabilizer. She has been doing well with the knee sling and will start out patient physical therapy on Wednesday. She has also gone to visit dad every other day. She will probably be back at home full time in a week and a half. I will write an update again soon.

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